AI Data Extraction and Profile Creation for Greelance


Greelance, a cutting-edge Freelance web 3.0 platform, in their a mission to develop a comprehensive solution for profile creation on their platform. They wanted to streamline the process of user profile generation by developing an AI model capable of extracting key information from documents such as resumes, images, and social media accounts. This innovation was intended to enhance the user experience and facilitate the creation of detailed and accurate profiles for Greelance.

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Domain Challenges Solution

Data Extraction from Multiple Sources

Developing an AI model capable of extracting data from various sources, including PDFs, Word documents, images, and social media platforms like LinkedIn.

Ayraxs Technologies Inc developed an advanced AI data extraction model that could extract relevant information from a variety of sources, including PDFs, Word documents, and images. The model was programmed to recognize and extract specific data fields, such as the user’s name, contact details, summary, job history, education, testimonials, certifications, and skills.


Data Fields Extraction

The AI model needed to extract specific data fields, including the user’s name, email address, phone number, summary, job descriptions, education, experience, testimonials, certifications, and skills.

To streamline profile creation further, Ayraxs Technologies Inc integrated a social login feature, allowing users to connect their Google Gmail and LinkedIn accounts. When a user connected their LinkedIn account, the AI model automatically retrieved relevant data, such as work history, education, and skills, for profile creation on the Greelance platform.

Profile Enhancement

Creating a tool that would allow users to improve and enhance the extracted information to craft compelling profiles for Greelance.

Ayraxs Technologies Inc also developed an AI-driven profile enhancement tool, allowing users to refine and improve the extracted information. This feature empowered users to create more engaging and complete profiles for Greelance.


  • Greelance successfully implemented the AI data extraction and profile creation solution provided by Ayraxs Technologies Inc.
  • The data extraction model effectively extracted key information from documents and images, including user profiles, resumes, and other text sources.
  • The integration of social login streamlined the profile creation process, making it easier for users to populate their profiles with data from LinkedIn and Gmail accounts.
  • The profile enhancement tool allowed users to customize and enhance their profiles, resulting in more compelling and informative representations on the Greelance platform.
John Smith

Head of Enterprise ARM


Enterprise Engineering Solutions (EES) hired Ayraxs to build out its Digital Marketing Division. Tayabb spearheaded the project and methodically mapped out our requirements and brought on a team of highly competent engineers who are experts in Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Web Design, and Search Engine Optimization. The efforts of Tayabb’s team dramatically increased EES’s Search Engine Ranking, Web Site appeal, and Revenue. I highly recommend Tayabb for his technical leadership and Digital Marketing Expertise.

Grant Harris

(CEO - GTH Consulting LLC)


You provided great work on a short notice, which was very helpful. Your work was satisfactory. I would work with you again and/or refer you to others. Thanks.

Milton Helios

(CEO - Helios Hub)


“Tayyab is extremely knowledgeable. He was able to do everything far above expectations. I will definitely be working with him again in the future!”


(CEO - Enterprise engineering solutions)


I had the pleasure of working with   Ayraxs. Their leadership, organization, and project planning skills are second to none. I witnessed them lead a team of highly competent engineers who exceeded expectations on every project they worked on. I highly recommend Ayraxs for any Work. Their is an excellent communicators, have strong leadership skills, and a very hard workers.

Daniel Battaglia

(CEO -ParkingMadeEasy )


Tayyab was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was very patient, diligent and helpful. He had already researched my industry before I even posted the project. He is very proactive and provided a lot of his own ideas. He also has a strong grasp on the English language and it was a pleasure to have him work on my projects as he always wrote in clear, concise and professional manner. I would highly recommend Tayyab to anyone looking for help with their writing/editing needs

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Ayraxs Technologies Inc's innovative solution significantly improved the user experience on the Greelance platform. The AI data extraction model, social media integration, and profile enhancement tool collectively streamlined the profile creation process, making it easier for users to create detailed and appealing profiles. This development contributes to a more robust and user-friendly platform, enhancing Greelance' mission to revolutionize the way users create and manage their profiles.

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