ERC-20 Token Development and Tier-1 Exchange Listing for Greelance


Ayraxs Technologies Inc, a U.S.-based company, played a crucial role in assisting Greelance, a cutting-edge Freelance web 3.0 platform, in their mission to develop an ERC-20 token to power their ecosystem and subsequently list it on tier-1 cryptocurrency exchanges. Greelance was committed to abiding by all U.S. legal regulations, including KYC, AML, and token regulatory compliance.

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Domain Challenges Solution

Token Development

Creating a secure and efficient ERC-20 token that met the highest standards.

Ayraxs Technologies Inc embarked on the development of a highly secure and efficient ERC-20 token, prioritizing security, efficiency, and scalability. Rigorous testing and auditing of the smart contract were conducted to guarantee its reliability.


Ensuring complete adherence to U.S. laws, with a strong focus on KYC, AML, and regulatory requirements.

Ayraxs Technologies Inc meticulously ensured Greelance’s compliance with all U.S. legal requirements, facilitating KYC, AML compliance, and ensuring that the token met regulatory standards.

Exchange Listing

Preparing the token for listing on tier-1 cryptocurrency exchanges like Bybit, KuCoin, MX, HTX, and







Crafting an extensive set of documents, including a whitepaper, pitch deck, and economic model.

Ayraxs Technologies Inc played a crucial role in developing a comprehensive set of documents, which included a whitepaper, pitch deck, and economic model.


Designing documents in alignment with brand guidelines to enhance their professionalism and desirability.

Documents were expertly designed to align with Greelance’s brand guidelines, significantly enhancing their professional appeal.


Establishing strategic partnerships with organizations like Novus Lab to streamline the exchange listing process.

Ayraxs Technologies Inc facilitated a strategic partnership between Greelance and Novus Lab, a UK-based company with a robust presence in the Taiwanese crypto exchange market. This partnership streamlined the process of listing on tier-1 exchanges.


Successfully negotiating listing fees and terms with Novus Lab to ensure Greelance’s success.

 Initial Listing: Through the collaborative efforts of Ayraxs Technologies Inc and Greelance, the GRL token was successfully listed on Binance’s Buy Bet exchange, marking a significant milestone for the project.

 Expansion: Comprehensive plans were put in place to list the token on additional tier-1 exchanges, including KuCoin, MX, HTX, and, thereby expanding its market presence.

 Assessment: Tier-1 exchanges assessed Greelance’s whitepaper, pitch deck, and market demand, which, when met, led to the successful listings.


  • Ayraxs Technologies Inc played a pivotal role in guiding Greelance to successfully develop a highly secure ERC-20 token while ensuring complete compliance with U.S. legal requirements.
  • The GRL token achieved a significant milestone by being listed on Bybit, a tier-1 exchange, showcasing the success of the collaborative effort.
  • Plans for future listings on KuCoin, MX, HTX, and further expanded the token's accessibility and market reach.
  • The strategic partnership between Greelance and Novus Lab significantly improved exchange listing opportunities and facilitated successful negotiations.
John Smith

Head of Enterprise ARM


Enterprise Engineering Solutions (EES) hired Ayraxs to build out its Digital Marketing Division. Tayabb spearheaded the project and methodically mapped out our requirements and brought on a team of highly competent engineers who are experts in Digital Marketing, Content Writing, Web Design, and Search Engine Optimization. The efforts of Tayabb’s team dramatically increased EES’s Search Engine Ranking, Web Site appeal, and Revenue. I highly recommend Tayabb for his technical leadership and Digital Marketing Expertise.

Grant Harris

(CEO - GTH Consulting LLC)


You provided great work on a short notice, which was very helpful. Your work was satisfactory. I would work with you again and/or refer you to others. Thanks.

Milton Helios

(CEO - Helios Hub)


“Tayyab is extremely knowledgeable. He was able to do everything far above expectations. I will definitely be working with him again in the future!”


(CEO - Enterprise engineering solutions)


I had the pleasure of working with   Ayraxs. Their leadership, organization, and project planning skills are second to none. I witnessed them lead a team of highly competent engineers who exceeded expectations on every project they worked on. I highly recommend Ayraxs for any Work. Their is an excellent communicators, have strong leadership skills, and a very hard workers.

Daniel Battaglia

(CEO -ParkingMadeEasy )


Tayyab was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was very patient, diligent and helpful. He had already researched my industry before I even posted the project. He is very proactive and provided a lot of his own ideas. He also has a strong grasp on the English language and it was a pleasure to have him work on my projects as he always wrote in clear, concise and professional manner. I would highly recommend Tayyab to anyone looking for help with their writing/editing needs

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Ayraxs Technologies Inc's unwavering commitment to compliance, their expertise in robust token development, and the strategic partnerships they facilitated were instrumental in realizing Greelance's vision of listing their ERC-20 token on tier-1 cryptocurrency exchanges. This project exemplifies the potential for innovative companies in the cryptocurrency space and paves the way for a brighter future in the gig economy.

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