AI-Based Test and Assessment model for Greelance


Greelance is an innovative company that aspires to provide a cutting-edge Freelance web 3.0 model for next-generation technologies, including AR, VR, cloud computing, AI, blockchain, and other emerging fields. Greelance sought to create an AI-driven system that not only generates customized tests based on the user’s expertise level but also ensures test integrity and user identity verification. They aimed to provide a transparent and secure assessment model for their users.

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Domain Challenges Solution


AI-Based Test Development

Developing an AI system capable of generating customized tests for users in various next-generation technology domains, differentiating between intermediate and expert levels.

Ayraxs Technologies Inc embarked on the development of a sophisticated AI-driven test and assessment model. This AI was programmed to assess the user’s expertise level based on their answers and generate customized tests accordingly, differentiating between intermediate and expert levels.

Security and Test Integrity

Ensuring that users cannot cheat during the test by detecting second human appearances in the video, screen changes, or tab switching.

To maintain test integrity, Ayraxs Technologies Inc incorporated several security measures. During the test, users were required to turn off their microphones and cameras. The AI system was designed to detect any unauthorized human appearances in the video feed, ensuring that no cheating occurred. Additionally, the model tracked any screen changes or tab switching, flagging such actions for review.

User Identity Verification

Verifying the identity of test takers by matching their real-time images during the test with the profile pictures uploaded during onboarding.

Ayraxs Technologies Inc implemented a robust identity verification system by capturing real-time images during the test. These images were compared with the profile pictures uploaded by users during the onboarding process, ensuring that the test-taker’s identity matched their profile. This stringent verification process added an extra layer of security and transparency to the assessment model.


  • Greelance successfully launched their AI-based test and assessment model, revolutionizing the way users are evaluated in next-generation technologies.
  • The AI system developed by Ayraxs Technologies Inc effectively assessed users' expertise levels, generating customized tests tailored to their proficiency.
  • The security measures put in place, including camera monitoring and tracking of screen/tab changes, ensured test integrity and minimized the potential for cheating.
  • The identity verification process, which matched real-time images with user profile pictures, enhanced the model's transparency and security.

What our clients says

My name is Tayo Ainna, and this testimonial is about the exceptional services provided by Tayyab and Ayraxs Technologies. From the start, they made me feel comfortable, asking detailed questions about my vision and mission. Their curiosity and dedication ensured their output perfectly matched my expectations. They were attentive, quick to respond, and highly communicative throughout the process. Their creativity stood out, molding my ideas into an even better version of what I envisioned. I highly recommend Tayyab and Ayraxs Technologies for their expertise and commitment to delivering products that truly represent their client’s vision. Thank you, Ayraxs Technologies, for your amazing work!

Tayo Ainna

I had the pleasure of working with   Ayraxs Technologies. Their leadership, organization, and project planning skills are second to none. I witnessed them lead a team of highly competent engineers who exceeded expectations on every project they worked on. I highly recommend Ayraxs Technologies for any Work. Their is an excellent communicators, have strong leadership skills, and a very hard workers.

Jimmy Idemudia

(CEO - Greelance)

I wanted to give a quick testimonial for Tayyab Javed and Ayraxs Technologies. Tayyab worked on a project for me, setting up tracking and a form on Facebook. He was super fast and efficient, and I am very happy with his work. I highly recommend Tayyab and Ayraxs Technologies if you need any similar services. Thank you!


This testimonial is for Sikandar Javid and Ayraxs Technologies. Sikandar was hired to handle tasks on the Bricks Builder platform and completed them successfully. He took the time to communicate the steps to resolve issues, which was very helpful. Sikandar was committed to deadlines and project goals, accessible, professional, and contributed valuable dialogue. The project was a success, and we will definitely hire him again. Thank you, Sikandar and Ayraxs Technologies!

Michael Nourse

I wanted to give a shout-out to Tayyab Javed and Ayraxs Technologies. They’ve been handling the marketing for my bed and breakfast, including social media posting, website management, and a mail campaign for our customers. Tayyab also coordinates our booking engines to avoid double bookings. He’s very competent, familiar with our industry, and excellent at communicating and staying on top of projects. We’re very happy with his work and look forward to a long relationship. Highly recommend!

Ed Hattaway

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Ayraxs Technologies Inc played a vital role in developing and executing the AI-driven solution for Greelance, ensuring the creation of a transparent, secure, and effective test and assessment model for next-generation technologies. This innovative model has the potential to shape the future of skill evaluation in emerging fields and contribute to the development of qualified professionals in the industry.

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