Google Algorithm Update for Search Ranking [28th October]

Nisha Shafiq


Numerous SEOs reported a suspected Google search ranking algorithm change on or around October 28. Sites impacted by the unsubstantiated October 13ish update and the October spam update are seeing wild fluctuations in Google ranks and visitors.

Glenn Gabe provided figures on Twitter showing how significant publishers in the U.K. and abroad had substantial fluctuations on October 28 after being impacted by upgrades. Check out these graphs:

Let’s have a look at the tools!

Rank Ranger demonstrated higher mobile instability amongst all other tools on the date 28th of October.


Mozcast was one of the pretty warms.


Semrush Sensor noted that switching it to only UK results didn’t make it any more erratic but did indicate a slight bump on that date:


SERPmetrics show up a glitch.


Algoroo was not disturbed


Advanced Web Rankings spiked up a bit on the 28th but not huge:


Accuranker was also not disturbed on 28th October:

SERP Volatility Results After The Update 

Here’s the snippet of the Semrush Sensor in which the Winner/Losers categories are showing:

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Nisha Shafiq

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