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Does a website or its development fall within the scope of digital marketing? Does it enhance your brand’s visibility? Well, today, no business can thrive without a website because it is the best way to showcase your products and services to customers. 

A website is at the heart of any digital marketing strategy—it’s where prospective customers will find out about you and make important decisions to contact you or order your services. Having a website with a responsive design and an effective digital marketing strategy, you can attract customers even from casual visitors since 88% of online customers are less likely to return if their initial experience is poor.

What is Website & Web Development?

A website, with its associated domain name, is an invaluable tool for any organization, group, business, or individual, as it offers an ideal platform for increasing visibility and creating credibility with customers. Furthermore, with local SEO services, these businesses can specifically target their local demographics to expand their customer base.

Website development is an intricate process, incorporating various elements from coding to technical design and website or application execution on the internet. By leveraging it, companies can build long-lasting connections with their potential leads. 

Fact: Currently, nearly three-quarters of businesses are investing in website development.

What is Digital Marketing? Importance & Benefits

Online marketing, otherwise known as digital marketing, involves connecting with buyers via the web and other electronic media. This involves everything from email campaigns and social media marketing to search engine optimization and web-based advertising. Texts and multimedia are also brought into the mix to create result-driven marketing strategies. These channels enable marketing experts to promote their products and measure the response of their customers in the buying process.

Digital marketing creates a powerful impact on the growth of your business. It can help you build an authoritative online presence, allowing you to target your desired audience in various ways on multiple digital platforms. Additionally, it is more cost-effective than conventional marketing and can potentially bring high returns when done correctly. Through the use of a website, companies are able to reach their goals and implement a variety of strategies that support the growth of their business.

Fact: Approximately 72% of total marketing funds are allocated to digital channels.

Why Does Every Business Need A Website for Digital Marketing?

If your company is prospering in one place, why not extend it and make more profits? For this to happen, you need to let the people in the new area be aware of your business, and what is a better way than to use digital media? Since most people nowadays spend their time online, a website is a practical and equally contemporary way to give your business a strong online presence and advertise it to potential customers.

Websites are a crucial element of Digital marketing. In fact, when beginning the digital marketing process, the very first step is to create a website. All other methods used to attract customers ultimately bring them back to the website, as it is the main representation of your business.

Having a well-functioning website is vital for a digital marketing campaign, as the purpose of all your marketing efforts is to direct users to your website and encourage them to become loyal and lasting buyers. If the landing page of your website fails to convince users to make an instant purchase, you risk investing a significant amount of money in unsuccessful marketing activities.

Fact: An ideal website conversion rate lies between 2 – 5%

How Does Website Development Play A Role in Digital Marketing? 

Web development is of utmost importance to digital marketing, as it forms the core of all your online promotional efforts. Companies need to realize that digital marketing should be included in their web development plan, not left out of the equation. A website isn’t enough; ongoing maintenance is necessary to keep up with digital marketing trends.

For businesses to stay competitive in today’s digital environment, they must possess a substantial online presence. This involves the website having an active role in web development and digital marketing strategies such as creating, developing, and managing websites or web applications for online usage, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, content marketing, and social media tactics. Ultimately, this enables the website to remain up-to-date and visible and gain organic traffic, allowing for successful lead nurturing. Organizations that successfully practice lead nurturing can generate up to 50% more ready sales leads at a cost that is 33% lower.

At Ayraxs, we have the expertise to demystify the complexities of digital marketing and web development for you. Our team of professionals collaborate to craft highly efficient ROI-driven websites, help you establish a remarkable brand identity and leverage productive marketing strategies to generate a stream of quality leads and drive up CRO ROI and sales efficiently.

4 Benefits of Web Development and Web Design for a Successful Digital Strategy

1- Business Sales Grow at the Fastest Rate

An enterprise’s profit is directly connected to the level of sales it can generate. A finely crafted website will greatly assist you in designing a powerful digital blueprint that can rapidly grow sales and augment credibility. By implementing effective design and development processes, more converting customers can be lured to your website. 

Fact: 73% of companies invest in design and development to gain an edge over rivals and stimulate sales. 

2- Your Investment is Valuable

The cost of advertising a business using different traditional mediums like print media, radio, television or banners can be expensive. Investing in cost-saving digital marketing with web design and development services will bring you 50x more customers than traditional methods of attracting new business. Also, email campaigns, social media interactions and posts, and website content cost you nearly nothing to produce—and when your customers come through these channels (so-called “organic acquisition”), your CAC is essentially zero.

3- User-Friendly Experience & Easy Navigation

 A good user interface and experience design can raise a website’s conversion rate by up to 200%. When creating a successful online platform, ensure the user experience is seamless and intuitive. This means that information supplied on the website should be easy to find. Web developers regularly evaluate the pages they create to ensure they are optimized for speed and ease of navigation. Simply put, if a website is easy to navigate, it will receive more organic traffic.

4- Build Relationships & Improve Your Business

Incorporating web design and development services into a digital marketing strategy provides a great solution to create reliable, lasting relationships with your clients and customers. They can contact you directly on the website, ask you any queries, and explore your offerings. Moreover, their opinions and ratings can be displayed publicly on your website so potential customers can see them.

Digital Marketing and Web Development are Mutually Exclusive

An effective online marketing campaign and well-synchronized web development are essential for business success. Previously, building a site for the purpose of increasing SEO rankings and online traffic may have been enough. But that’s long gone. A simple website design, keyword optimization, and getting it online are no longer enough to reach your target market. It is vital to run marketing campaigns, make your website intuitively designed, and optimize it properly for search engines if you want users to visit, use, and come back to your website.

But this is not about link-building or keyword stuffing. Rather, it’s about adding value to the site visitor so that they get more out of your content than simply clicking through for a transaction. Using your website will help you market your products and pages. Visitors will be directed to these pages after clicking on your ads.

Final Thoughts

We can say “digital marketing and web development are inseparable”. 

If you put the wrong step in your website’s construction—whether it’s an error in coding or inconsistent branding—it may affect how consumers perceive your brand image and credibility as a whole. If visitors cannot easily search for products on your website, they will quickly lose interest and leave. Web design and development can have a huge impact on digital marketing strategy. 

When you are considering using marketing and web development to improve your business, always work with professionals who are experienced. Ayraxs Technologies is a highly reputable digital marketing company that offers comprehensive strategies for analyzing, engaging, and converting your target audience in real-time.


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