Tayyab Javed




University of Management and Technology


BS Media & Mass Communication


If you are dreaming of becoming an entrepreneur? You must know, that it all starts with believing in yourself. And I’m saying it with personal experience. Because I have been stubborn to take a NO and here I am, a proud CEO of Ayraxs and many other digital ventures
Hello everyone, I’m Tayyab Javaid, a simple human who is turning visions into reality. Well, that feels amazing!
In 2019, I started with a Pakistan-based e-commerce store named Itemad. Back then, I had no idea that my life would bring me here, running teams of talented individuals. Like any other CEO, I have my struggling story where I visited multiple agencies to get a better idea of businesses, joined courses for quicker learning of marketing, and binge-watched motivational and leadership videos to stand on my own.
Every time has its challenges, but back in 2021, I made the best decision of my life, to launch my own digital marketing company, ayraxs. Since then, I have helped multiple US companies to reach the top of the markets but now we are moving globally because the company is in perfect shape now. Thanks to my God Almighty and my supportive colleagues!
The company offers wide services to the companies who inspire to reach new heights of success. I’m happy to see my company’s impact on investors, businessmen, and colleagues. Where we provide a fantastic culture, we make sure every team member is enjoying their work to the fullest, so they get more than just a salary from their job.
It seems unbelievable how Ayraxs’s competent employees have made the company a successful endeavour.

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