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As creative designers, we solve the most pressing issues by creating an intuitive user experience and strong user interface designs to boost customer retention & revenue. 

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The first impression that your app or website makes on new visitors determines whether they'll stay or leave. Ayraxs' expert designers develop provoking & satisfying user interfaces and experiences that influence your target audience to purchase your product or service.

Get a responsive design that works for every user on any device. We know how to make your offers accessible thanks to our UI experts.

Assuring a perfect fit between your product and target audience through diverse approaches.

Imperfections in your site's design can lead to user frustration. Customization from a professional ensures that your site will be fascinating and influentially practical.

Imperfections in your site's design can lead to user frustration. Customization from a professional ensures that your site will be fascinating and influentially practical.

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At Ayraxs, we aren’t just an eminent design team, but also great strategists. From analyzing your business, identifying key personas, and creating a strategy to wireframing and rapid prototyping, we develop user-friendly designs that are consistent with your brand image and ensure you gain a competitive edge online.

Our Services include

With our professional UX UI design services, you will receive enhanced usability, better engagement, and higher conversions.

  • Mobile app & web UI UX design
  • UI/UX Brand identity
  • Cross-platform experience design
  • Comprehensive Consultation

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We implement design systems, perform comprehensive design reviews, re-use the most effective practices and tools, and mentor our designers constantly.


In order to boost brand awareness and drive more sales, we use meaningful strategies and compelling designs. We give your customers the experience they want & take them to the funnel so that you'll get what you want!


Real-time problem-solving support from creative brains with the best pricing models as per your business requirements.

Why you should prefer Ayraxs for your UX-UI design needs

As a professional digital firm, we help businesses with user-friendly, intuitive design solutions that drive customer success and growth. Our professional designers deliver ROI-tracking products that are competitive in the market, human-centric, and add business value.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    How to hire the best UX/UI Design company?

    Hire a company that best suits your business goals. Ask several companies if they have a plan that will work for your site. Make sure the company you hire offers all the services you need.

    What is the cost of a UI UX design project?

    There is no one-size-fits-all cost for UI/UX Design as it varies with functionalities, wireframing, target platforms, and project complexity. The cost is typically between $5000 and $50,000, depending on the complex design and business strategy.

    How does UI/UX design differ from web design?

    Website design focuses on how a website looks, whereas UI/UX design focuses on how you use a website or app. A good UI/UX designer helps build something that not only looks nice but also changes the way a user behaves and makes decisions.

    What can you do to create the desired behavior in users?

    Our company's UI/UX team begins every project with thorough user research and competitive analysis. To determine whether users are taking the correct actions on the Website, we will create personas of your ideal users, draft "red routes" of activities, and test these routes in both A/B and user testing.

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