Streamline your business operations & transactions with blockchain power.

Ayraxs offers distributed ledger technology and blockchain services that empower operational agility and create new revenue streams with trusted data exchange and workflow automation.

Bespoke blockchain services to redefine your business value.

The Ayraxs team provides end-to-end blockchain development services to develop decentralized applications that provide enhanced traceability and security of data. In order to meet your unique challenges, infrastructure, and strategic vision, we bring the right combination of capabilities to the table.

Gain access to an experienced development team that has proven itself in cryptocurrency exchange, wallet and smart contract development.

We increase brand trust and sales by making products authentic and providing access to new markets through asset tokenization.

Build permission-based ecosystems that are secure and scalable with minimal downtime.

A protocol that ensures the integrity of multi-party agreements and enforces fixed obligations automatically.

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It’s time to get on board with the blockchain revolution!

With blockchain, industries may transform their operating models in the long run. The internet has revolutionized the way information is shared, and thus blockchain has the potential to do the same for value exchange, ownership transfer, and transaction verification. Industry after industry is transforming due to blockchain technology, such as fintech, supply chain management, and real estate.

Ayraxs is a blockchain and NFT solutions provider that delivers custom blockchain development services to boost efficiency, agility, and security.

Turn to Ayraxs Blockchain Services to envision, establish and evolve your solution.

Delivering  world-class blockchain solutions

We provide a full suite of blockchain solutions and expertise in leading blockchain frameworks from Ethereum, Hyperledger, to Graphene. Our services include;

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Decentralized crypto vaults
  • Public & Private blockchain networks
  • Decentralized apps (Dapps)
  • Smart contracts
  • Non-Fungible Token and Marketplace Development

Build your blockchain-powerded future with ayraxs


We increase the trust and security of your data, deliver transparency to customers, reduce costs, and create a new business model of decentralized data sharing.


Smooth transactions between peers, eliminating intermediaries. Transact on the blockchain network and reduce credit and fund management risks. Implement smart contracts to settle transactions quickly.


Optimize your multiparty workflows around trusted data to generate value-generating results. You'll also be able to offer your customers a wider variety of payment options, guarantee a faster transaction time, and increase the liquidity of your assets.

Is Ayraxs the right blockchain solution partner for your enterprise?

Currently, most businesses do not fully understand how blockchain works in an industry where technology is rapidly advancing. Hence, businesses need the assistance of field experts to succeed without failure. You may face some challenges while integrating blockchain solutions into your business, which is why our experts are here to help. Investing in our blockchain services will allow you to make cost-effective, efficient, and well-thought-out decisions about implementing blockchain applications.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    How to hire the best AI service company?

    Hire a company that best suits your business goals. Ask several companies if they have a plan that will work for your site. Make sure the company you hire offers all the services you need.

    What does Blockchain mean?

    Blockchain is a digital, decentralized, distributed and append-only database that uses high-end cryptography that securely connect blocks of data with one another.

    How can you create my cryptocurrency?

    The first way to create your own cryptocurrency is to set up a consensus mechanism alongside your blockchain, which is very difficult and involves a lot of effort. Another way is to use existing blockchains and create your cryptocurrency using smart contracts.

    How to secure business data in a blockchain ledger?

    Businesses must look beyond the traditional methods of data encryption when it comes to securing their information. Smart contracts, which can be coded into blockchain software, can protect sensitive business data by allowing users to create contractual agreements between themselves.

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